sucks to suck (live)

by summerbruise

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recorded for the doitindy radio hour podcast on may 15th 2017
thanks x 100000 to mp and scott for having us
full episode at


released May 23, 2017

mike and castle played the songs and mp recorded them



all rights reserved


summerbruise Indianapolis, Indiana

summerbruise is a band from indianapolis. our moms say we're nice boys.

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Track Name: busy (ugly before) (live)
tell myself today is almost over
while i tell myself tomorrow will be better
the methods never change
so the results still stay the same
but i still tell myself tomorrow will be better

spend a friday afternoon in bed
so i can go out spend a friday night stuck in my own head
a backpack full of 40's, a ford fiesta full of friends
but i think i'd rather just go back to bed

you don't have to go home, baby
you just can't stay here
i like you too much to let you wait on me this year
maybe next year will be better
i can tell you what you want to hear
Track Name: fricked (live)
how do you choose to be alone
when the devil that you still keeps you warm
it's a moving sidewalk,
so doing nothing wrong is not enough anymore

you're heading down that path unless you do the math
and you go twice as fast the other way
but if you just sit still you're stuck -- you're bound to go that way
well, sitting still's kinda been my thing these days

if i can't even take care of myself
then i'm not sure what the hell i ever thought that i could teach
that leaves me caught between reluctantly trying to be a role model
while praying she grows up to be anyone but me

it's not too late for her, but it's too late for me
to be anyone but me

i only get this way after a rough day or if i'm drunk
but all my days are rough and i'm always drunk

when every last distraction or medicated lack thereof
can only come up short, won't be enough
to clear up all the traffic in my head or the static in my blood
it's not just bad moods or bad habits; it's the fact that i am stuck

counting bus stops obsessing over jayne from that sharpless show
i think i put my name wrong in her phone
spend the ride back to crown heights thinking of what it might be like
if everybody had a head like mine

what a fucking joke